Professional Scrum Master II

PSM II BadgeCourse Objectives

Students are challenged to think within the Scrum framework, the underlying principles and values, and how they help guide Scrum Masters in the decisions they make. Students will also explore what practices, tools, skills, and stances make an effective Scrum Master.

Assessment Certification

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master II course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum Master II assessment, and are also entitled to a 40% discount on the PSM III assessment. These industry-recognised PSM certifications require a minimum passing score on these rigorous assessments.

Course Topics

  • What makes an effective Scrum Master
  • How to support the Scrum Team
  • How to support the organization
  • Challenges of middle management
  • Dealing with complexity and impediments
  • Measurement in Scrum
  • Successful product delivery and “Done”
  • Facilitation techniques

Public And Private Courses Available

The Agile is able to offer both public and private courses for Scrum Master training. This allows us to deliver the training  to all your colleagues together in one place at the same time.


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