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Agile Manchester @ The Studio
May 8 – May 10 all-day
Agile Manchester @ The Studio

I will be attending Agile Manchester, supporting who are a sponsor of the event.

Agile Nottingham @ Apsley House,
Jun 18 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Agile Nottingham @ Apsley House, | England | United Kingdom

The Scrum guide describes the responsibilities that a Product Owner has in Scrum, but it doesn’t explain how. What things does a PO need to have in their toolbox in order to keep Stakeholders and the rest  of the Scrum Team happy.

In the session we’ll explore the things a successful Product Owner must have in order to survive sprint from sprint.

Amongst other things, we’ll discuss:

  • Stakeholder management and how to do it
  • What metrics a Product Owner should keep and monitor
  • What does a “Ready” look like
  • How does a Product Owner know if the team they’re in are delivering value.
  • How can a Product Owner be part of a team, but yet have the pressures and accountability for deliver on their shoulders.