A Wet Weekend with the Scrum Values

Background Over a wet weekend in the UK, my 12 year old daughter was looking for something to do and decided to draw a poster to while away some time. My daughter decided that she would help me by making a poster about Scrum ( honestly!, I am not making this up. I didn't realise how much I talk about a scrum at home.) She asked me a little about the teams I'd previously worked with and then took...
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Radar Love – Visualising the Scrum Values

Working as a Scrum Master I asked myself... "How do I know if my team are demonstrating the Scrum Values? What can I use to show their current state?" Remembering an exercise I did some years ago whist at my local Agile group - Agile Yorkshire, I thought I could use a "Spider Web" to visualise the state. ( SO a big thank you to Agile Yorkshire and Royd Brayshay) The exercise I used is to rate...
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So Where is the Value?

In everything we do there should be some value - some importance in what we do. If not, then why do it? Without any worth, the thing that you're doing becomes a chore or you can easily drift on to something else. So we need to see the value in what we're doing. However, as a team we don't always see the value at the same time; depending on your point of view you will see the value at different...
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