What Are Your Sprint Buttons?

Many years ago when I first attended a Scrum course, it was suggested that the burndown chart was similar to a boat moving from point a to point b and the burndown records its progress - sometimes it is on course, sometimes it is off and adjustments need to be made in order to correct the course.   The burndown plots the progress so far, i.e. it an indication of progress so made.   Try...
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The Power of Done

Gunther Verheyen says that Scrum starts with Done and a recent incident in a Scrum Team I'm working with helped me remember the power of the Definition of Done. What Happened? Whilst working with the team to use Scrum, they experienced for the first time in a long time they could achieve what they set out to do and that there was value in their deeds. A few days into the sprint, I was looking at...
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